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Featured Image: Snehasish Ganguly (left) with brother Sourav at a family event. File photo.    

Kolkata: SOURAV Ganguly’s elder brother Snehasish Ganguly, 49, admitted to a private nursing home in central Kolkata for dengue, is critical.

Both family and nursing home sources said today afternoon that Snehasish’s platelet count has come down to 18,000 and he has developed a liver infection as well. In a healthy adult, the platelet count shall be usually above 1.5-lakh.

Snehasish was admitted to the private nursing home on 24 November on being tested positive for dengue. He was suffering from fever from 22 November. At the time of admission, his platelet count was 1.68-lakh. Since then, the count has come down drastically raising concern for his health.

Sourav, who went to the nursing home today to see his brother, said that yesterday’s Snehasish’s platelet count was around 30,000 and in less than 24 hours, the same now stands at 18,000.

“He has been kept under strict observation of a medical team and platelet is being transfused into him. Doctors have assured us that there is nothing to worry about,” Sourav has said.

Like Sourav, Snehasish was also a cricket who played for the state Ranji team. He, however, could not make it big on the pitch and bid adieu to cricket early. For the past several years, Snehasish has been looking after the family’s printing business.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Left and Congress MLAs boycotted the Assembly proceedings today as well after the Speaker declined to allow a discussion on dengue.

The Leader of Opposition Abdul Mannan alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was scared to face the House on the issue and hence she was not turning up for a debate on dengue.