Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre at New Town.
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Kolkata: A child, referred all the way from Siliguri to Kolkata for the treatment of dengue, has breathed her last at a private hospital at New Town.

Deceased Sayesha Banerjee (7) was a resident of Ashrampara in Siliguri. After Sayesha developed a fever last week, her parents got her admitted to the upscale private hospital Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre in Siliguri.

According to the family, doctors at the hospital suspected that Sayesha was suffering from dengue and advised that the child be taken to their specialised child hospital Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre at New Town in Kolkata.

The family relied on the advice and Sayesha was brought to Kolkata and admitted to the New Town hospital in the evening of 15 September. Here, her condition deteriorated further and Sayesha breathed her last at 4.30 am today.

Following the death, Sayesha’s father accused the hospital of medical negligence and also misleading them on the course of treatment. He alleged that last evening the doctors told him to arrange blood platelet for Sayesha at the earliest.

On being told that he hardly has an idea as to from where to procure platelet in Kolkata, the doctors then assured him saying that the hospital will arrange the platelet. The father left the hospital with the assurance.

He received a call from the hospital at around 4 am today stating that Sayesha was critical. By the time the father reached the hospital, his daughter was dead. Upon enquiry, he found out that platelet had not been infused into her despite the doctors last night telling that it was an urgent requirement.

Responding to the allegation, the hospital administration maintained that there was no negligence either on the part of the doctors or the hospital. To ensure that there was no delay in the treatment, the doctors started treating Sayesha for dengue even before the NS1 antigen test report came. This is because the child was betraying all the symptoms of dengue, the hospital said.

Two senior specialist doctors attached to separate private hospitals in Kolkata, said on the conditions of anonymity, that they find it unwise that the child was referred to Kolkata all the way from Siliguri.

“Adequate rest is a must for dengue patients and in case of a minor, the need for rest is more. I fail to understand what prompted the Siliguri unit of the hospital group to make the child undertake the exhaustion of travelling such a distance (irrespective of the mode of travel) in such a fragile condition,” one of them said.


  1. It was fully the mistake of the doctors and the hospital. Just give it a thought why a hospital wouldn’t keep blood in stock? How irresponsible the doctors can be. They could have saved the little girl’s life but they didn’t. Just because they don’t have humanity left.They just want money.
    I swear god will take all the happiness from the doctors’ life very soon.Doctors and hospitals like this should rot in hell.

    • Madam, with all the due respect, are you aware of what you are saying? A doctor reads medicine his entire life to treat and treat and treat only. It is not his job to ensure where the blood comes from;may it be the hospital or anywhere else, his only job is to say it loud that the patient needs blood and that’s it.
      Secondly, madam, dengue causes a functional defect in the platelet and suppresses the marrow, which cannot be replaced by infusing a mere bag of blood. It’s only symptomatic, and this disease has no treatment.
      Next time you have an ailment, madam, I pray to god that you don’t visit a doctor. Go to a different person or try to become a doctor all by yourself.

  2. Yes there are good doctors as well but what about the majority of doctors being so inhuman. What has to happen will happen but what about the efforts that should be made, especially when it comes to someone’s life? Doctors please please take oath of being in the profession only if you could serve human life. Stop making it your business for earning money and stop getting lazy to treat a patient, for you that person is a patient but for someone he could be their reason of happiness to live.