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Barasat: Rubbing salt to BJP’s wounds, Trinamool has once again won the trust vote in Bongaon Municipality in North 24-Parganas.

This is even as the saffron party made a last-ditch effort by knocking on the doors of Calcutta High Court to stop the trust vote.

Bongaon Municipality has 22 councillors and a majority of them had switched over from Trinamool to BJP after the Lok Sabha polls. They then moved a no-confidence motion against chairman Shankar Adya.

Amid massive violence outside the municipality office, a trust vote was taken on 16 July and Trinamool won the same. BJP then moved the High Court citing irregularities and demanded a fresh trust vote.

Responding to the plea, justice Samapti Chatterjee on 26 July ordered that a fresh trust vote shall be taken and it shall be conducted in the North 24-Parganas district magistrate office so to scuttle any irregularities.

However, by then, of the councillors who had defected to BJP returned to Trinamool’s fold and thus the party gained majority again. The fresh trust vote was held in the DM office today 5 September with a heavy police deployment in and around the premises.

Realising that it will not win the trust vote, BJP moved the High Court today morning praying that the trust vote stopped as the councillors who had moved the no-confidence motion have re-joined Trinamool.

Justice Sekhar Bobby Saraf turned down the plea saying that how could anyone have a say if the councillors change their mind.

He said that BJP knew in advance that the voting will take place today and hence, it could have moved the HC earlier. Since they did not do this, the matter does not deserve an urgent hearing and may be heard by a regular bench.

On the other hand, in the trust vote at the DM office, Trinamool won by 14:0 votes. This is as the lone Congress councillor backed Trinamool’s 13, the lone CPI-M councillors abstained, and the seven BJP councillors boycotted the trust vote.

Controlling Bongaon Municipality has turned out to be a prestige issue for the saffron party as it won the Bongaon Lok Sabha seat in the vote held in May.