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By A Newsman

Asansol, 17 October: DRIVER of a trailer truck has died at Masagram in East Burdwan while trying to resist bid to hijack the vehicle by a miscreant-gang.

The incident took place last night on National Highway 2. The site of incident is located at a distance of about 100-km from Durgapur.

Driver Pintu Yadav was employed by a firm located at Shalimar in Howrah. He drove the trailer truck to Durgapur yesterday morning to bring a consignment of iron bars from a factory there. Pintu was accompanied by his cousin Biswaskarma Yadav, who worked as the conductor of the truck.

As the Yadavs were waiting in the factory for their turn to drive out the loaded truck in the evening, three youths called on them on the pretext of enquiring about another driver. Pintu told them that the driver they were looking for works at Shalimar and was known to him.

Taking cue from this, the three youths sought a lift in Pintu’s truck to travel to Shalimar as they wanted to meet the driver over some so called family matters. Pintu started his trailer truck from Durgapur early in the evening and took a break at Masagram around 10 pm in the night.

Conductor Biswaskarma and one of the youths went to a hotel located by the highway to have dinner; driver Pintu and the two other youths stayed back in the truck as they were not eager to dine.

On returning to the truck after dinner, Biswakarma found out that Pintu was missing and one of the youths was in the driver’s seat. As the youth started driving the truck without explaining whereabouts of Pintu, Biswakarma sensed danger and jumped out of the truck.

He subsequently found Pintu lying injured behind a bush by the highway and started shouting out for help. Hearing his screams local people and police arrived at the spot. On being told about the incident, a police jeep soon started chasing the loaded truck, which the miscreants were driving away fast.

Police managed to track down the hijacked truck at some distance on a narrow road to Memari. The miscreants, however, had abandoned the truck by the then and had vanished in the thin air. Police took control of the truck.

Injured driver Pintu Yadav was taken to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital later in the night. He succumbed to the injuries at the hospital.