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Featured Image: File photo of the Bhukailash Rajbari temple at Khiderpore in Kolkata.

Newsman Bureau

Kolkata, 16 August: MISCREANTS have robbed the 287-year old heritage Bhukailash Rajbari temple at Khiderpore in Kolkata of its valuables.

The Rajbari family discovered the theft on Sunday when the temple priest opened the temple’s iron doors to offer puja. The South Port Police station was alerted at once.

A number of gold and silver jewellery and arms exhibits that used to adorn the Durga Idol at the temple, have been stolen, they told investigators. The stolen items include gold locket, bracelet, waistband and ankle bells etc.

The miscreants did not break the lock; instead, the iron-hinges of the fabricated doors were tampered with to make an entry into the temple premises. Apart from stealing the ornaments, no damage or desecration has been caused to the temple.

A member of the Rajbari said that they were shocked at the first ever instance of theft at the family’s heritage temple. Investigators are questioning the priest, his assistant and other workers of the Rajbari to crack the case.