Gahan kusum kunj majhe...: Bosepukur Talbagan Sarbojanin
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By Baisakhi Chakraborty and Anirudha Dutta   

BOSEPUKUR Talbagan Sarbojanin in south Kolkata is all along known for traditional touch to its Puja pandal. This year, they are showcasing a beautiful fusion of Bengali and Manipur cultural heritage.

The world famous Manipuri dance form is the theme of the pandal, while Tagore’s Gahan kusum kunja majhe is the theme song.  Bengali traditional musical instruments such as Dhol, Khanjani, Banshi, and Ghungur have been used in decorating the pandal offering a vibrant visual effect.

Larger-than-life size revolving dolls in Manipuri dance have already started pulling a huge crowd. The love story of Radha- Krishna has also been depicted in the pandal.


Pandal depicts the life story of Radha- Krishna: Bosepukur Talbagan Sarbojanin
Pandal depicts the love story of Radha- Krishna through the world famous Manipuri dance form. The revolving dolls are a real delight to visitors. 
Use of Dhol, Ghungur in decoration: Bosepukur Talbagan Sarbojanin
Traditional music instruments such as Dhol, and Ghungur adorn the pandal walls.
Gahan kusum kunj majhe...: Bosepukur Talbagan Sarbojanin
Tagore’s Gahan kusum kunja majhe is the theme song at the pandal.


Devi Durga dressed in Manipuri dance costume: Idol of Bosepukur Telengabagan Sarbojanin
Keeping in with the theme, even Devi Durga and her daughters have been dressed up in Manipuri dance costume.