Eye soothing decorations: Nabadurga Garia
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By Baisakhi Chakraborty and Anirudha Dutta

NABADURGA community Durga Puja in Kolkata’s extreme south in Garia has entered 76th year this autumn. Mitali Sangha is the organiser of this puja.

Extinction of gas lamps to evolution of LEDs (light emitting diodes) is what the Nabadurga puja pandal is showcasing this year. The theme has been conceived by Bapai Sen with the aim to make people familiar with the evolution of lights over the ages.

Added to this, artist Sanatan Rudra Pal has sculpted nine different forms of the goddess Durga that have been placed by the sides of the main Durga idol inside the pandal.

Terracotta, clay, and fibre glass have been used to in making replica bells, hurricane, funnels, and 8500 LEDs that have perked up the pandal. The sprawling pandal premises have given it a spiritual mood.

Depicts the story of extinction of gas lamps and evolution of LED: Nabadurga Garia
Garia Nabadurga pandal is themed on the evolution of lights ~ from gas lamps to LED lights ~ that have come over the ages. The sprawling premises bestows the pandal with a spiritual mood.  


Eye soothing decorations: Nabadurga Garia
Three months hard word by organiser Mitali Sangha is evident from the vibrant craftsmanship at  Garia Nabadurga pandal. 
Different phases of Ma-Durga 2: Nabadruga Garia
Different forms of the goddess Durga at Garia Nabadruga give the visitors a peep into Hindu mythology.  


An excellent work by Sanatan Rudra Paul: Idol of Nabadurga Garia
The main Durga idol at Garia Nabadurga pandal by Sanatan Rudra Pal is a piece of excellent art work.