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Midnapore: Unable to cope with the shock of the death of her boyfriend, a young girl has ended her life at Egra in East Midnapore district.

This has happened exactly eight days since the boyfriend died after falling from a speeding train. His name was Nityananda Das, aged around 26.

Nityananda, who hailed from Mirjapur at Egra, was travelling to Kolkata by a local train on 30 September to appear for a recruitment exam conducted by the West Bengal Public Service Commission.

Nityananda was standing on the footboard of the train and somehow fell near Dum Dum station. He died on the spot.

His girlfriend back at Egra, Sryeashi Maity (18), got to know of this the next day. Since then she lost her composure and started behaving incoherently. This is how her parents found out that she had developed an affair with Nityananda, who actually used to give her private tuition.

The family thought Sryeashi will eventually get over this and return to her normal life. With eight days already over since Nityananda’s death, the family members went out for a walk at dawn today on the occasion of Mahalaya. Sryeashi did not join them saying that she wants to sleep.

“On returning home, her mother found her hanging from the ceiling of her study. Sryeashi used a scarf to hang herself,” informed her uncle Debarata Maitya. He maintained that the family did not imagine in the worst dreams that the young girl could commit suicide.

“Else, all the family members would not have gone out leaving her alone at home,” the uncle lamented. Ahead of Durga Puja, the girl has snuffed out all the happiness of Maity family.