Ghughudanga police outpost.
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Barasat: Police have arrested an engineering student and his elder brother for assaulting a policeman during questioning at Ghughudanga police outpost off Dum Dum.

The arrested youths have been identified as Sadab Hussain and his elder brother Wasim Iqbal. They hail from Shibpur in Howrah; Hussain studies at the private Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College at Dum Dum.

A few days ago, Sadab had got into a fight with another student from his college. Following this, both lodged FIRs against each other at the Ghughudanga outpost under which the college lies.

Probing the matter, investigating officer Shibcharan Mondal summoned Sadab to the outpost for questioning last night. Sadab came along with his elder brother Wasim.

Wasim started recording the questioning session on his mobile phone and noticing this, Mondal snatched the mobile phone. Peeved at this, Wasim and Sadab allegedly jumped over the officer and started serving him punches and slaps so to take back the mobile.

Mondal suffered injuries in the head and near his eyes. After assaulting the policeman, the two brothers tried to flee but other cops nabbed them. They have since been arrested on charges of assaulting and stopping a government officer from performing his duty.

The two arrested youths, however, have contested the charge. They said that Mondal assaulted them and since his action was recorded on the mobile phone, he tried to snatch it. In the resultant scuffle, he suffered the injuries.