A policeman in front of the seized sacks of ammonium nitrate.
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Bolpur: A huge cache of explosives has been seized by police at Nalhati in Birbhum district. The explosives are enough to blow up a small town.

One man has been arrested in this connection and two vehicles in which the explosives were being shipped have been confiscated.

The seized explosives include about 11,000 gelatin sticks, 50,000 detonators, and several sacks full of ammonium nitrate.

Acting on a tip-off, a team of cops from Nalhati police station rushed to Bahadurpur village late on Monday night and found sacks being unloaded from two small goods vehicles in front of a house. Seeing police, two men who were unloading the sacks fled from the spot but the driver of a vehicle was nabbed.

On inspecting the sacks police found out that those were filled with ammonium nitrate. On the vehicles, they found the gelatine sticks and detonators. This made the police arrest the driver Angur Sheikh, while the owner of the house, in front of whose house the explosives were being unloaded, has been detained.

Police have learnt that the explosives had been smuggled in from neighbouring Jharkhand and were probably for use in illegal mining in the stone quarries that dot the rural pockets of Birbhum and their immediate neighbourhood in Jharkhand.

The investigators, however, are refusing to arrive at a conclusion as yet. This is because, in 2014, Khagragarh in neighbouring Burdwan district had seen a massive bomb blast in a suspected hideout of Islamic terrorists. The explosive consignment could have been meant for some ultra-group in Bengal or in the bordering Bangladesh, they suspect.