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Kolkata: A noted dentist, attached to an upscale private hospital in south Kolkata, allegedly beat up a minor girl because she refused to cooperate when he was removing her infected tooth.

The incident took place at Naktala and the accused dentist is Ranabir Sinha, a veteran in the field of orthodontics treatment in Kolkata.

Going by an FIR lodged at Netaji Nagar police station by the six-year-old girl’s mother, she had taken her baby to Dr Sinha’s chamber to get an infected took removed. The child, who is afraid of being administered an injection, refused to take anesthesia for removing the teeth.

With her being adamant, Dr Sinha lost his cool and gave the girl a tight slap. This further scared the girl and she started crying out loud. In a bid to stop her crying, the dentist then allegedly hit her with a probe used in removing tooth.

At this point, the girl’s mother intervened and said that she doesn’t want her daughter’s tooth to be removed. She next walked up to the manager of the private clinic where Dr Sinha has his chamber and complained about the incident. But the manager allegedly paid no heed.

This made the mother to lodge an FIR against Dr Sinha at Netaji Nagar police station. Acting on the FIR, Dr Sinha has been asked to appear at the police station for questioning.