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Siliguri: A group of farmers led by Goalpokhar Forward Bloc MLA Imran Ali Ramz toady clashed with police to stop the work for a bypass road.

The farmers have been demanding higher compensation for the land that had been acquired from them to construct the 11-km long bypass at Islampur in North Dinjapur.

Due to the opposition from the farmers, the work had been stalled at Sialtore off Islampur for several days. As the construction company tried to resume the work today, the farmers rose in protest again with MLA Ramz in the lead.

A large police force soon rushed to the spot and tried to drive away the protesters. The farmers retaliated by pelting stones at the police and the cops met this with a lathi-charge.

At one point, the police and the MLA came to blows. The MLA asked why the police were trying to resume the work forcibly when the farmers were still opposing the construction and were dealing the matter with the civil administration.

The scuffle left several farmers and a policeman injured. Police also detained some of the protesters and took them to Chakulia police station. Forward Bloc, in the meanwhile, has resorted to a spontaneous agitation over the manner in which police have behaved with their MLA today.