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Diamond Harbour: Parents of a minor boy has lodged an FIR against the head-teacher of his school for allegedly assaulting him in class.

The incident has taken place at the state-run Ghasiara Primary School at Sonarpur on the southern suburb of Kolkata. Police are yet to act against the accused head-teacher Prasenjit Roy.

According to the minor boy, who studies in the 4th standard, during school on 18 May, he “accidentally” hit a classmate with a pen. This made the classmate complain to the head-teacher.

“The head-teacher came rushing and without inquiring, started beating me with a bamboo stick. Not only this! Sir then pulled me by the hair and banged my head repeatedly to the blackboard till I fainted,” the boy says.

His mother learned about this when she came to take him back from school in the afternoon. Subsequently, the family admitted the boy to Sonarpur Rural Hospital from where he has been discharged.

Father of the boy later lodged an FIR against the head-teacher at Sonarpur police station. The boy, meanwhile, is declining to go to school again fearing more assaults by his head-teacher.