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Featured Image: File photo of the platform wall at Rabindra Sadan Metro station. 

By A Newsmen

Kolkata, 25 July: A fire broke out in Metro Railway’s power sub-station located near Rabindra Sadan Metro station tonight, affecting train services.

According to Metro Railway spokesperson Indrani Banerjee, the fire came to notice around 8.45 pm in the power sub-station located next to Nehru Children’s Museum at Rabindra Sadan area.

As the sub-station is located outside the station premises, there was no immediate danger to the trains and passengers travelling in them. “But as a precaution, we disconnected the power supply to the stations between Maidan and Kalighat and also to the third rail (that feeds power into the trains),” she said.

This led to suspension of Metro services between Maidan and Kalighat stations from 9 pm, while truncated services continued between Rabindra Sarovar and Kavi Subhas in the south, and Park Street and Noapara.

Fire-fighters took it about 30 minutes to douse the flames in the sub-station. They had to break open the iron shutters of the sub-station as keys could not be immediately found. An electrical short-circuit is suspected to had caused the fire.