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Kalyani: People travelling by a passenger train from Murshidabad to Kolkata witnessed a major scare today after a fire broke out in a coach of the moving train.

This happened in the 53178 Down Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger train that starts from Lalgola in Murshidabad at 9.05 am daily and reaches Sealdah at 3.10 pm.

After the train crossed Muraghacha station around noon today and was approaching towards Dhubulia station in Nadia, the passengers noticed thick smock emitting from a luggage van of the train next to a ladies coach.

The passengers at once started shouting and this made the driver stop the train at 12.01 pm. The frightened passengers then rushed down from the train and stood at a safer distance by the railway track.

The driver and assistant driver of the train at once got into dousing the fire by using the fire extinguishers that were installed in the train. With the help of some of the passengers, they managed to douse the fire in about 25 minutes.

The passenger train was then pulled to Dhubulia station at 12.36 pm where a state fire brigade team had already arrived by then. The fire-fighters inspected the affected coach and then declared the train for onward journey.

Accordingly, the train left Dhubulia for Sealdah at 1.05 pm. Eastern Railway officials said that the fire was probably caused by an electrical short-circuit in the internal wiring of the luggage van.