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Kolkata: At least five people have been injured after a concrete slab fell on them at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital.

The injured include both patients and family members accompanying them. The mishap took place today noon in the eye department of the medical college.

Outpatients and their companions were sitting in the eye department waiting room for their turn to consult doctors. Around 12 noon, a concrete slab from the ceiling suddenly came crashing on them.

Pranab Roy, Bandana Ghosh, Ramchandra Sonkar, Durga Devi, and Tarashankar Biswas, who were sitting directly below, suffered injuries.

A portion of the slab fell on Ramchandra’s right shoulder and left him bleeding. Bandana suffered an injury in her leg. The remaining three suffered injuries in their arms and other body parts. The five were treated in the emergency ward and discharged.

Some of the buildings in Calcutta Medical College are over 150 years old and require period repair. In view of today’s mishap, the hospital management said that the eye department building will be repaired soon.

On 3 October, a fire had broken out in the heritage MCH Building of Calcutta Medical College, leading to the death of a patient and damaging medicines worth about Rs 5-crore.