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Featured Image: A man ferries on a raft whatever paddy he could save from his inundated house in flood-hit North Dinajpur district.

By A Newsman

Siliguri, 18 August: UNABLE to manage two square meals since the flood submerged their houses earlier this week and the administration failing to provide relief, a group flood-hit people today looted food-grains from a government storeroom at Itahar in North Dinajpur district.

About 200 flood-victims raided Itahar’s Sripur Kishan Mandi today afternoon. Two policemen posted at the Mandi gate tried to dissuade the flood-victims saying that the Mandi storeroom was empty, but the angry people shoved them away.

They then broke open the iron shutters of the storeroom and lugged away on head sacks of rice and pulses that were stacked up in the storeroom. The food-grains were procured from farmers before the flood hit the district on 13 August. No officials were willing to comment of the development.

It is this same Sripur Kishan Mandi where flood-hit people had resorted to vandalism yesterday demanding relief materials and one of them, Bijay Barman (23) was injured after police fired rubber bullets to control the mob.

One of those who raided the Mandi and looted the food-grains said that with houses going under water, thousands of families were living under the open sky on National Highway 34 and the administration has failed to provide them relief materials so far.

“There is food-grain in the storeroom and yet we don’t know why they are not distributing this among the flood-hit people. We cannot die of hunger and hence have taken away the food-grains today,” the middle-aged man said.

Despite no significant rain in the past 72-hours, all rivers in North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, and Malda like Kulik, Sui, Atrei, Tangan, and Mahananda are in a spate due to discharge of water from the upper stream in Bihar and Nepal.