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Kolkata: Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee has alleged that some foreign countries were involved in technological manipulation of the just concluded Lok Sabha polls that has brought back Narendra Modi government at the Centre with stellar numbers.

Banerjee, who addressed the Press for the first time today 25 May since the BJP jolted Trinamool by winning 18 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal two days ago, said that she had offered to resign as the Chief Minister of Bengal but her party has turned down the request.

“There is suspicion in everyone’s mind about this huge victory of the BJP. The opposition has drawn a blank in several states like Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc. How is this possible?”

“I believe that there has been some setting. Even some foreign countries were involved in this but I am not naming them in our national interest. May be the media can investigate and bring this out although the media is not as vigorous as before,” Banerjee said.

She accused the BJP of exploiting Hindu-Muslim polarisation and pumping in huge money in influencing the voters this election.

She lamented that neither the Supreme Court nor the Election Commission did justice to the opposition parties despite numerous appeals.

“In Bengal, the BJP bribed the police, CPM, a section of the media and even some Trinamool leaders. I am not naming such Trinamool leaders but have already taken action against them.”

The Trinamool supremo maintained that while the BJP has in reality increased its 17 per cent vote share in Bengal by 2-3 per cent, another 20 per cent votes of the Left parties have got transferred to the saffron party because of the payoff.

Banerjee revealed that during a review meeting of the Trinamool today she offered to resign as the Chief Minister to dedicate more time for the party. The party, however, rejected the offer.

“We couldn’t work for the last six months. The elections were conducted by virtually imposing an Emergency and I remained a CM without power and at the mercy of the Election Commission. I felt so insulted that today I offered to resign.”

“I have in the past stepped down as railways minister in just one minute. I don’t need chair. Rather, the chair needs me,” Banerjee said.

She has alleged that taking advantage of the Model Code of Conduct which is still in force, BJP is resorting to vandalism and has so far captured 200-odd Trinamool offices all over Bengal.

“In particular our Muslim leaders are being targeted. They are resorting to vandalism and firing under the protection of the Central forces. They are forgetting that we are still in power with a majority,” Banerjee said.

Reacting to the comments of state BJP leaders that her government is set to go, Banerjee said that the saffron camp cannot do this without altering the Constitution.

Any attempt at toppling her government will be met with an all out public agitation, she said.

The Trinamool chief lamented that despite implanting numerous welfare measures like rice at Rs 2 a kg, bicycles to secondary students, better roads and no power cuts, the people of Bengal have not adequately backed her party this election.

“BJP did not fulfil most of its (2014) election promises and yet they have won so many seats. If people think this way then I will henceforth dedicate more time to the party as I think we have worked a little too much for the people.”

The Trinamool supremo has also made several changes in the party organisations in the districts in view of the election results.