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Siliguri: FOUR girls hailing from Nepal has been rescued from Bagdogra Airport while allegedly being trafficked to the Gulf countries.

The girls are aged between 19-35 years and were booked on three separate flights to fly from Bagdogra to Delhi today. On reaching Delhi airport, they were to dial a mobile number for onward journey to the Gulf.

The girls were part of a five-member group that arrived at Bagdogra Airport today with valid tickets to Delhi in flights operated by IndiGo and Go Air. They had no luggage with them, not even a purse.

This turned the plain-clothed security personnel suspicious and they started quizzing the girls. This led to the discovery that their tickets were booked by a handler and four of the girls were travelling out for the first time.

Bagdogra Airport authority at once alerted the police and a Bagdogra-based NGO named Kanchenjunga Uddhar Kendra that works for the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked women.

The NGO members arrived soon and on talking to the girls found out that they had been lured by a handler based in Nepal about providing them a well-paid job in the Gulf. The girl had no clue where exactly they were being sent and they only have the mobile number of someone who is to guide them on onward travel from Delhi.

The NGO members counseled the girls about the possible abuse and exploitation that they will be subjected to in Delhi and the Gulf. Following this, four of the girls agreed to be sent back to their homes in Nepal. The fifth girl, who is an adult, flew out to Delhi at her own risk.

The four girls are now in the shelter of the Bagdogra NGO, which said they will be repatriated to Nepal after ascertaining their address and family members.