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Featured Image: Park Street in Kolkata all decked up for Christmas and New Year.

Kolkata: HERE’s a piece of news that will relive the commuting worries of those planning to revel it out during the upcoming Christmas and New Year eve!

Metro Railway today announced that it will operate trains for a longer duration on the day of Christmas (25 December) and on New Year eve (31 December).

While on Christmas Metro trains will run for 20 minutes extra in the night; on New Year eve the trains will be available for a good 2.20 additional hours beyond the usual closing time.

On 25 December, Monday, Metro trains will be available from 6.45 am to 10.10 pm from the two terminal stations ~ Noapara in the north and Kavi Subhas in the south.

This means people boarding from intermediate stations will get the trains well beyond 10.10 pm.

The usual time for the last trains from terminal stations is 9.55 pm. The number of trains on that day, however, will be fewer at 188 instead of the regular weekday schedule on 300 trains.

On 31 December, the trains will start running as per the usual Sunday schedule, that is, from 9.50 am. But the last trains will originate at 12.15 midnight. This means a good 2.20 hours additional service than the usual last train time of 9.55 pm.

As a result of this, the total number of trains available on that day will be 172 instead of 110 trains that Metro runs on Sundays.

Metro Railway spokesperson also said that in anticipation of a huge crowd and to ensure their security, additional Railway Protection Force personnel are being deployed at Esplanade, Park Street, and Maidan stations from 24 December – 1 January.

The additional deployment will include women personnel, mobile squad, commandos, and Intelligence officials.