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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 03 March: STATE government has taken away from school managing committees the powers to appoint and transfer teachers and non-teaching staff in high and higher secondary schools.

Instead of managing committees, the tasks of appointment and transfer would now rest centrally on the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The Board would do so at recommendation of the West Bengal School Service Commission, which would continue to conduct the recruitment tests.

The change has come into effect with the passage of three legislations in the state Assembly today. These are ~ the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (Amendment) Bill, the West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Amendment Bill, and the West Bengal School Service Commission (Amendment) Bill.

Education minister Partha Chatterjee said that the new legislations would give the government a greater say in entertaining request for mutual transfer, special transfer, or self-seeking transfer from teachers.

Also, the government would be able to rationalise student – teacher ratio by ordering transfers from schools where the number of teachers and staff is higher and vice-versa.

“There have been several cases wherein despite education department’s directive, school managing committees declined to issue no-objection certificate for the transfer of teachers. Because of this, several teachers, especially female ones, are compelled to serve in schools as far as 100 km away from their residence. The change would benefit them immensely,” Chatterjee said.