File photo of Nabanna.
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Kolkata: The high-security Bengal state secretariat, Nabanna, was taken aback today with the sound of a gunshot.

This happened around 12.30 pm, sending the staff and the on-duty police personnel in a tizzy.

As the police personnel swung into action to find out the source of the gunshot, they found out that a bullet got fired accidentally from the rifle of a constable as he was loading bullets while taking over a shift duty.  This happened at the north gate of Nabanna.

In security forces, it is a common practice for a personnel to pass on bullets to his reliever while on a shift duty and return only with the arm that has been issued to him.

Luckily, the bullet that went off accidentally, did not hit anyone. Rather it hit a bunker from where the sentries perform their duties.

On learning about the incident, a team from Shibpur police station rushed in and registered a suo motu FIR against the constable who has been identified as Shasanka Bhusan Mondal. he is a constable of the Kolkata Armed Police.

The investigators will try to find out under what circumstances the bullet went off and whether the accident was caused by a mechanical fault in the rifle or due to negligence on the part of the constable.