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Siliguri: THE headmaster and a teacher of a government-run primary school in Jalpaiguri have been hospitalised with injuries after the two fought in the school today.

The incident has taken place at Barohalia SP Primary School in Jalpaiguri’s Dhupguri. Headmaster Fanindra Sarkar has suffered injuries in his right ear and face; teacher Ajay Chising has suffered injuries in the head.

The trouble broke out between the two today due to alleged irregular attendance in school by Chising. It started with an argument between the two, eventually escalated into a fight with the Sarkar and Chising serving slaps, punches, and kicks on each other.

This happened in front of the students who were having their mid-day meal at that time. Following the fight, the two went to Dhupguri police station and lodged FIR and counter FIR.

Police first took them to Dhupguri Rural Hospital and from there they were referred to Jalpaiguri Super-speciality Hospital.