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Featured Image: A flooded puja pandal at Shillongpatty in Silchar after overnight heavy downpour.   

By A Newsman

Silchar, 09 October: KARIMGANJ, Silchar, and other parts of Barak Valley witnessed heavy rain since yesterday post-midnight till early today morning.

According to the Regional Meteorological Centre in Guwahati, it has rained a whopping 230 mm in Karimganj, 67 mm in Silchar, and 30 mm in Lakhipur. The amount of rain that has occurred in Karimganj in a span of just six hours is enough to submerge a low-lying place.

The weather was so inclement that at one point it ran the risk of spoiling the Maha Asthami Puja. But with the progress of the day, clouds have now given way to sun in most parts of Barak Valley, including Karimganj.

Silchar Chruch Road waterlogging
Flooded Church Road in Silchar.

The weather office has, however, forecast more rain in the Valley later today and tomorrow, on the day of Maha Navami. This is due to the combined effect of an upper air cyclonic circulation over west and central Assam and a pro-active south-west monsoon.

The downpour had started around 01.30 am post-midnight and continued till about 07.20 today morning, alternately switching between heavy to moderate showers.

The impact of the overnight rain was visible on most streets of Karimganj and Silchar, as also on the Durga Puja pandals all over the two towns. There has been severe water-logging on most thoroughfares in Karimganj till late in the morning.

Silchar Chowringhee waterlogging
Flooded Adharchand School Road at Ambicapatty Chowringhee in Silchar.

In Silchar, thanks to clogged drains, there was severe water-logging at Chowringhee in Ambicapatty, Church Road, at Shillongpatty-Narsigntola road junction, at Sadarghat Point, at Panchayat Road, at Sonai Road, and near the National Highway Point on Hailakandi Road.

At Chowringhee and Church Road, the water stood on the road till about 11 am, that is even four hours since the rain. Rain water flooded the Shyamaprasad Road puja pandal adjacent to Shillongpatty Hindi School and also submerged the road in front of Madhya Sahar puja pandal at Narsingtala.