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Kolkata: With the security agencies tightening vigil, criminals are devising innovative ways to smuggle gold.

The Customs department has arrested a youth at Kolkata airport for smuggling in gold by mixing with a powdered health supplement.

The arrested youth landed at the airport from Dubai past Friday midnight. He was carrying several packets of health supplement with him and thus turned officials of the Air Intelligence Unit of the Customs department suspicion.

They put the health supplement packets to scan by a metal detector that sent out an alarm. But the officers were puzzled: inside the packets, there was nothing but health supplement powder and no metal at all!

However, a finer inspection revealed the mystery. The youth had got the gold broken into tiny pieces and then mixed them with the powered health supplement so to deceive security checks.

The tiny gold pieces were then segregated from the health supplement powder and melted back to form bars that weighed 970 grams. Customs officials said that the gold is worth about Rs 30-lakh.

After this, the youth was arrested on charges of carrying gold without paying the mandatory excise duty.