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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 15 August: THIS is a sample of a sponsored news article that you can get published on www.newsmen.in.

The article will be in the same format and style as any other regular news published on this website. The only exception will be a disclaimer that will be placed at the end of the article, clarifying that this is a sponsored article (see below).

You can get sponsored articles published for any product, service, or campaign that are legal in India.

For example, one can have sponsored articles about a tourism facility, newly developed housing complex, an utility equipment, a healthcare facility, a life / property insurance policy, a trade / tourism fair, or a government awareness campaign, say about consumer rights, etc.

The benefit of a sponsored article is that you can include and highlight whatever points or message you want. Yet, to a reader it will appear as trustworthy as a regular news item.

The headline of a sponsored article will appear alongside our regular news headlines on our homepage, and our readers will by default tend to click on the link. Additionally, the link to a sponsored article will be posted on NEWSMENs official social media pages, viz. FacebookTwitter etc without any additional charges.

Each of the articles will be by default come with a featured image / graphics in the size of 610 X 259 pixels (see above).

You can have an additional photograph / graphic added to the body text, but that shall have to be proportionate to the text length, and there will be additional charges for this. For instance, if you want a photograph to be inserted into the body text, the number of words in the article shall have to be at least 400. To insert two photographs, the number of words shall have to be 650.

Contents and photographs may be provided by you, and our online editors will edit them and publish.

Alternately, we can gather the contents and photographs for you, but for this, necessary logistics shall have to be arranged by you, and there will be additional charges for this.

For instance, you want sponsored articles about a real-estate project but do not have the expertise to provide contents and required photographs. In such a case, one of our experienced news writers will visit your site and gather content and photographs in consultation with you.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us to know about the applicable rates and other related details.

(DISCLAIMER: This is an article sponsored by an advertiser. NEWSMEN does not assume responsibility for its factual accuracy, and any claim, assurance, promise etc made in this article.)