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By Anirudha Dutta

DURGA Puja in Salt Lake, Kolkata’s elite neighbourhood, has always been about aesthetics and simplicity. The pandals here are never huge or extravagant when compared to those north or south Kolkata, but they celebrate the uniqueness of life and also depict the evolution to modernity.

 We take you on a tour of some select puja pandals in Salt Lake with photographs and accompanying reports.


WANT to spend a day away from the messy crowd, traffic jam, and constant shoving at north and south Kolkata puja pandals, then take out a camera, and set out for a tour of the African tribal village at Salt Lake BJ Block Saradotsav pandal.

The calm, peaceful, and relaxing ambiance will gift you fresh air and infuse the mood of a tribal village in you. The pandal has been perked up with African tribal figures, masks, lamps, music instruments, huts and so on. The art works by Panna Lay are exceptionally charming.

The open space on the pandal premises offers visitors an opportunity to explore the place, breath in fresh air, and also take selfies, duelfies, wefies with friends and family.

BJ Block 1
BJ Block Salt Lake.
BJ Block 2
BJ Block Salt Lake has replicated an African tribal village.  

BJ Block 3
The front yard of BJ Block Salt Lake puja pandal.
BJ Block 4
An African hut at BJ Block Salt Lake.
BJ Block 5
The pandal interior has been decked up with African clay art at BJ Block Salt Lake.
BJ Block 6
The glittering goddess at BJ Block Salt Lake.


EVER spent a day at Chokhi Dhani? Shopped handicrafts, and listened to folk songs that can heal your heart and soul? If not, just spend an afternoon at Salt Lake AJ Block Puja pandal. But what is Chokhi Dhani: you must be wondering.

Chokhi Dhani is a village in Jaipur where a fair is hosted every evening displaying wonderful cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Artist Jay Dutta has recreated this here on the sprawling AJ Block pandal premises this time.

As you take a stroll, the melodious tunes from Rajasthan will transport you to a different land. The models of camels, small houses, puppet shows, and various other artifacts offer a true Rajasthani village feel. The idols too are dressed in Rajasthani apparels like Ghagra, Pagri etc.

AJ Block 1
Rajasthani crafts and heritage village Chokhi Dhani has come alive at AJ Block pandal in Salt Lake.
AJ Block 2
A model hut at AJ Block pandal in Salt Lake.

AJ Block 3
Red chillies left on the ground to dry ~ a common feature of India’s rural life, especially that in Rajasthan. At AJ Block pandal in Salt Lake.
AJ Block 4
Vibrant and intimacy of Rajasthani heritage village has been recreated at AJ Block pandal in Salt Lake.


Bengal is the face of Indian culture, heritage, and obviously the cottage industries. AK Block has this time has themed their pandal on Bangla Hasche Sristir Ullase to portray the cottage industries of the state and Bengal’s cultural heritage. Twelve districts from the state have been picked up and exhibitions have been put up inside the pandal depicting showing the rural artisans work.

Theme maker Bapai Pal and his team have come up with catching replicas of the fishery industry of Digha, handicrafts cluster of West Midnapore, Taant (handloom) industry of Nadia, Terracota of Bishnupur in Bankura, Chhau dance of Purulia, tea industry of Darjeeling, Jatra of Chitpur and so on. The pandal has been built with eco-friendly items such as tree leaves, jute, and vegetable dye colors.

Bengal government has conferred the Biswa Bangla Puja Award 2016 to AK Block Association for best pandal.

AK Block 1
Bengal’s cottage industry and culture have been presented at AK Block puja pandal in Salt Lake.
AK Block 2
Models of rural artisans at work at AK Block puja pandal in Salt Lake.

AK Block 3
Bauls sing set the tune of Bengali culture at AK Block puja pandal in Salt Lake.
AK Block 4
Tea tribe people dancing to a traditional tune at AK Block pandal in Salt Lake.
AK Block 5
A rural artisan at work at Bengal’s famous taant at AK Block pandal in Salt Lake.
AK Block 6
The idol at AK Block puja pandal resembles that of Bengal’s Pot Chitra.



Are we humans or a piece of mechanical junk? Do we behave spontaneously or we are made to behave the way technology makes us to? With the rapid growth in technology, these questions have become very pertinent.

FD Block puja pandal will surely make the visitors to ponder whether we are becoming excessively dependent on technology and thus in turn becoming mechanical human beings.

The pandal has been decked up with social media icons, human models covered with keyboard and an over encompassing net capturing the human mind. The ambiance has been justly organised to allow the visitors time and space to think.

FD Block 1
Stop and ponder if we are getting entangled by technology at the cost of the gift of a natural life. At FD Block pandal in Salt Lake.
FD Block 2
Are you getting trapped on social media? FD Block pandal in Salt Lake asks.


FD Block 3
Netted by social media web. Interior of the FD Block pandal in Salt Lake.
FD Block 4
Thank god, the Mother is still in her divine look. At FD Block pandal in Salt Lake.