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Kolkata: The city’s lifeline, Metro Railway, encountered hiccups again on the first day of the New Year.

The train services remained suspended for about 30 minutes this evening after a New Garia-bound train developed a snag at Park Street station. This happened around 6.40 pm.

Sources said that after the scheduled 20 seconds halt at Park Street, the train could not depart as some of its doors were not closing.

The crew of the train kept on trying to shut the doors using the automatic switches but to no avail.

Seeing this, most of the passengers got down from the train and started waiting on the platform.

The crew then switched off the power supply to the train at 6.50 pm, hoping that restarting the power might resolve the problem.

With the train being stranded at Park Street station, all other trains running behind it got stranded at different stations en route.

The ripple effect of this hiccup on the Down line was soon felt on the Up line and thus, Dum Dum-bound trains also either started running at snail’s pace or got stranded at various stations.

The travails ended only around 7.10 pm after the stranded train at Park Street station was fixed and it left for onward journey.

Metro Railway spokesperson, Indrani Banerjee, said that three was “some problem” on the Down line and, that’s why the train services were suspended for about 30 minutes. She did not elaborate on the nature of the problem.

On 27 December, a Metro train got stranded in the underground tunnel between Rabindra Sadan and Maidan stations after a fire broke out in the train’s undercarriage.

Around 50 passengers were taken ill in the incident due to inhaling smoke as the Metro started evacuation drive only after 26 minutes.

The Commissioner of Railway Safety is conducting a probe into the mishap to fix the responsibility and to find out whether Metro authorities responded on the occasion by a delay.