A video grab of the son beating his mother and (right) Pratysha Roy Chowdhury, the brave girl who brought this to light through social media.
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Barasat: A woman aged over 80 years. So frail that she can hardly stand up straight.

A middle-aged man, wielding a stick in hand, is threatening to whip her for not cleaning the floor properly! Occasionally, the man is even beating the elderly woman with the stick.

Many people may find it difficult to believe that this is a real episode involving a mother and a son from Bengal, where people fancy themselves for being sensitive and of intellectually higher than rest of the country.

Moreover, the incident is not from a slum plagued by perennial poverty and illiteracy where social courtesies are often rare.

This was happening day after day at BL Mukherjee Road at Nimta in North 24-Parganas where lives octogenarian widow Santiprava Deb with her younger son Bhulu, in his late 40’s, on the ground floor of their bi-storied concrete house.

Santiprava’s husband Sukumar Deb, who was a Bengal government employee, died over a decade ago. Her elder son Bikash Deb separated from the family after marriage. Bhulu is unemployed and hence, the mother-son survive on her husband’s pension.

Neighbours tried to reason with Bhulu several times in the past asking him not to torture his mother. Instead of paying a heed, he put the main gate to the house under lock and key so to stop the neighbours interact with Santiprava.

But unable to withstand this inhuman torture a neighbour named Pratyasha Roy Chowdhury recently recorded such a torture episode on her mobile phone and posted the same on social media yesterday. In no time, the video went viral and eventually came to the notice of Nimta police station.

Taking cognisance of the video, police today arrested the criminal son Bhulu Deb. Elder son Bikash now says that he will bring his mother to his residence if she agrees to the proposal.

Despite being tortured regularly, when reporters today asked Santiprava whether son Bhulu whipped her often, she replied in the negative. “Sometimes he used to lose his cool and beat me but not regularly,” she said.

Is it for no reason that a mother is considered next to god?