The KFC outlet at New Market in Kolkata and a screen-shot of the announcement.
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Kolkata: With sales taking a severe blow ever since it came to light that meat curated from carcasses in dumping grounds were being sold in Kolkata, multinational food chain KFC is now going out of the box to regain the confidence of Kolkatans.

As part of this, KFC has announced an “open kitchen hours” for all its outlets in Kolkata wherein it will allow people into the kitchen and see it for themselves how the chicken is prepared right from the raw stage. The “open kitchen hours” is valid from 2-10 June.

The food giant has posted the announcement on its Facebook page, inviting a mix of jokes, negative remarks, and appreciation as well. To the dismay of KFC, most of the comments are negative and may be reflective of the perception that people have in general.

One of the comments suggested that KFC should provide hallmark on every piece of chicken that it serves. This is even as in India, the hallmark is assigned to jewelry, not food.

KFC responded to this by saying: “This chicken is gold (en). Passes 34 quality checks before making it to the table,” only to get shut-up by terse replies that followed.

KFC has 26 outlets in Bengal and most of them are located in Kolkata. Devyani International Ltd ~ the master franchisee of Yum Restaurants India Pvt Ltd that owns KFC ~ runs these outlets.