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Diamond Harbour: A young homemaker has been shot dead at Joynagar in South 24-Parganas during a clash between two factions of the Trinamool.

The incident took place today afternoon and the victim has been identified as Selima Gazi.

Trinamool at Joynagar has got divided into two camps over the nominations for the Panchayat polls. One faction is led by Trinamool block president Gour Sarkar; the other is headed by party’s Joynagar MLA Biswanath Das.

Unable to reach a consensus on candidates for the coming Panchayat polls, supporters of both Sarkar and Das have filed nominations for the same seats. One faction has filed nomination as Trinamool’s official candidates, the other faction as Independents.

With the last day for nomination withdrawal being tomorrow, the official faction has been exerting pressure on the other faction to back out. A clash broke out over this between the members of the factions today afternoon and they started lobbing crude bombs and firing bullets at each other.

Hearing the commotion, Selima Gazi, who is the daughter-in-law of a leader of the Independent faction, stepped onto the courtyard of her house. It was during this that she was shot at by members of the Trinamool official faction. The woman died on the spot.

On getting the news of this, a large posse of police from Joynagar police station rushed in and sent the dead body for post-mortem. Police also arrested two Trinamool workers for their alleged involvement in the killing.