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Featured Image: Representational photo. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 09 September: SOUTH Kolkata witnessed yet another dreaded burglary in the wee hours on Wednesday wherein miscreants looted valuables from a household at Bansdroni by holding a 10-year old boy to ransom.

The burglary took place at the Bansdroni New Government Colony in a bi-storyed house.

According to the victim family, a gang of around five armed miscreants entered the house by breaking through a grilled window on the ground floor around 3 am on Wednesday.

When the family members woke up hearing the usual sounds in their room, the gang confined them to a room on the first floor and went on a looting spree by holding a dagger on the neck of a 10-year-old boy of the family. During this near one hour operation, the miscreants looted around 6 bhoris of gold ornaments worth around Rs 1.3 lakh, some cash and a number of mobile phones.

The burglar gang, which was also equipped with firearms, left the house threatening that to shoot dead the family members if they report the matter to police. The robbed family called up the Regent Park police station after the daybreak on Wednesday.

This is the second such burglary in south Kolkata in less than a month. On 20 August a seven-member gang had looted valuables from two households at Tetulberia near Garia railway station by holding a 10-month old baby to ransom. Sonarpur police arrested three miscreants in this connection on 4 September.