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Featured Image: Mithilesh Yadav, before and after the surgery. 

By Anusree Gupta

Kolkata, 26 February: PRIVATE hospitals and nursing homes have always been accused of draining out money from patients.

But it was not the same for Mithilesh Yadav and his mother Santi Devi. They found their gods amongst the medical board of Narayana Superspeciality Hospital.

Yadav, a young man of 25, had not lived a normal life for past 20 years. A bone tumor known as Osteoblastoma was developing on the left of his face. Yadav and his mother hailing from the suburbs of Jamsedpur thought it to be the result of an accident that he had met with he was 5 years old.

The tumor damaged his left eye by pushing it out of the socket. He had to cover his face all through the past 20 years as no one had the courage to look at his face. Yadav was unable to breathe properly and his mouth would not open as the tumor has grown into his oral cavity.

Hoping to get his normal life back, Yadav kept trying for help from several charitable hospitals but all his efforts went in vain due to unavailability of required facility or funds. But his hope renewed once he visited a medical camp organised by the Brahmananda Narayan Multispeciality Hospital, Jamshedpur.

Yadav was subsequently referred to the Narayan Multispeciality Hospital in Howrah, where head and neck surgeon, Rajdeep Guha carried out a through checkup. “Osteoblastoma, though not cancerous, yet it is a rare kind of tumor. Only 58 cases are available in over 100 years, and the rate of a bone tumor growing in the face, which weighs over 1 kg counts for only one per cent in 100 years,” Guha today said recalling the check up.

Guha and his team of surgeon that included plastic and reconstructive surgeon Adhish Basu, Nilay Biswas, and aesthetic dental surgeon Ayan Mazumdar had to sit for week to map out the tumor and plan the execution of the surgery.

Mithilesh with his mother Santi Devi on Friday. In Kolkata.
Mithilesh with his mother Santi Devi on Friday. In Kolkata.

But Santi Devi, Yadav’s mother, works as a daily wager and she told the doctors that she did not have Rs 3 lakh for the surgery. Following this, the private hospital waived off the cost of the surgery for Yadav; Gupta and his team removed the over 1 kg tumor from Yadav’s face in  a 14-hour marathon surgery.

With the tumor now been removed, doctors at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital need to work on Yadav’s face to give it a normal look. The second phase of cosmetic reconstruction includes a 3D imaging of Yadav’s face using titanium implant, insertion of cheek bone to hold his cheek flesh, and dental rehabilitation.

The hospital has offered to facilitate the surgery free of cost but is looking for funding for the implants that costs around Rs 4.5 lakh.

Yadav is slowly moving towards a normal life. He says he could not complete his studies but wished to earn enough money to build a house for his mother Santi Devi. This is only possible if the second phase of the surgery is carried out as early as possible.