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Kolkata: A small-time worker of a multi-system operator (cable operator) in Kolkata has been at his wit’s end following a huge amount of transactions in a bank account opened in his name.

So much so that Deepak Karmakar, who lives at Ultadanga in north Kolkata, has approached the bank authorities as he suspects his name or account is being misused for dubious transactions.

Karmakar has been maintaining a savings account with the Panihati (North 24-Parganas) branch of a private bank and according to him, there should be only Rs 1,000 balance on the account.

But he says that on 5 March he received a text on his mobile phone informing that a new account has been opened in his name in the same bank branch. The very next day, he got another text stating that Rs 20-lakh has been deposited in the account.

Assuming that the texts were wrongly sent to him, Karmakar ignored the matter. But on 16 March he received another text stating that Rs 4.24-lakh has been debited to a private marketing firm from his account. The next text followed on 18 March. It read that another Rs 3.25-lakh has been debited to the same firm by cheque, while Rs 10,000 has been deposited.

This slew of transaction texts from the bank finally made him wake up and scared that his identity or account is being misused, Karmakar wrote to the bank manager.

The bank authorities have assured a probe into this while maintaining that probably Karmakar’s mobile no has been tagged to someone else’s account by mistake. But Karmakar says that if that be the case, how come the texts had his name.