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Featured Image: A file photo of Sheena Bora, the murdered daughter of Indrani Mukherjea and Siddartha Das.

Newsmen Bureau

Kolkata, 01 September: IN a remarkable turn of events in the Sheena Bora Murder case, the prime accused Indrani Mukherjea’s first man Siddhartha Das emerged in Dum Dum in Kolkata on Tuesday and maintained that he was the biological father of Sheena and is also that of Mikhail Bora.

Covering his face with a helmet, Das told reporters that he had a live-in relationship with Indrani between 1986 and 1989 but they never got married, as none of them “thought it very necessary” at that point in time.

Das is a Bengali originally hailing from Karimganj in Assam and was living at Shillong in Meghalaya where he met Indrani who was a student at a Shillong college. Indrani is an Assamese by language and had her parental house in Guwahati.

After Indrani conceived during their courtship, her parents accepted the live-in relationship and Siddhartha moved into his in-laws house in Guwahati and started living as a ghar-jamai (a married man who lives with his wife at her parents’ house).

It was during this three-year live-in relationship that Sheena was born to Siddhartha and Indrani in 1987; Mikhail was born in 1988. Das said, Indrani loved high-life style and was unhappy with the income that he used to earn from a small business he was running.

“One fine day in 1989, Indrani left her parents’ house in Guwahati leaving behind our two children and I. We searched for her in Shillong but could not locate her. Subsequently, I also left my in-laws house leaving our daughter and son in their custody,” he said.

“I never went into hiding as was being reported in some sections of the media. Only that I do not want to reveal my identity as this might jeopardise my family life and a small private job that I earn my livelihood from,” said Das, who was traced by media persons at Durga Nagar area in Dum Dum in north Kolkata.

“A year after Indrani deserted me, I met with a severe accident in 1990 and was bed ridden for months. On recuperating, I got a primary teacher’s job in Arunachal Pradesh in 1992 and continued there till 1997,” the 45-years old man said.

“I married another woman later and we have a 17 year old son. I relocated to Kolkata in 1998 and have been staying here ever since,” Das added.

Das now works for a private handicrafts company off E M Bypass in Kolkata. His wife for 18 years, Babli Das expressed surprise over the revelations that cropped up in the past few days. “I was not aware of my husband’s past. Nor I am bothered about this now,” she said adding that she would stand by her husband and would face it with him.

Das said: “If Indrani is proved guilty of murdering Sheena, she should be hanged. I am ready to provide my DNA samples if asked to and will fully cooperate with Mumbai Police in the probe. But I am not financially capable of travelling to Mumbai to help in the probe.”

On being asked why Indrani had left him or what the reason behind their separation was, Das said: “I did not have a steady income then. She was always money-minded. Probably she left me as I could not support her high life style.”

After Indrani deserted him, Das had gone to meet his children a couple of times at his in-laws house but discontinued the practise later as Indrani’s parents did not welcome this.

According to Das, he spoke to Sheena when she was studying in class X in the year 2000. “I had called up her on my in-laws land phone. We exchanged general greetings and calling me Dad, Sheena had asked me how was I am. We never spoke ever again,” he said.

Das maintains, ever since 1989, he never met or spoke to Indrani and came to know about her after learning about Sheena’s murder in the media.