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Siliguri: One of the community development boards set up in Darjeeling Hills by Mamata Banerjee government has been accused of indulging in corruption and denying people benefits that are due to them.

Significantly, the allegation has been leveled against the Kalimpong headquartered Kami Development and Cultural Board by none other than an insider. Additionally, some people too have come out in support of the allegation.

Mahendra Gazmeer, a member of the Board today told a news conference today that since being set up in 2016, the state government has given Rs 15-crore to build 500 houses for the poor in the Kami community. But while on paper the construction has been all completed, in reality, there is the presence of some 150 odd houses.

“The beneficiaries are being made to pose for photographs in front of other’s houses and these photos are being sent to the government as proof. In some cases, while some raw materials have been supplied to the beneficiaries, the dues are not being given on one pretext or the other,” Gazmeer alleged.

Rohit Biswa, the head of the Kami community at Gorubathan in Kalimpong said that they have already written to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the large-scale embezzlement of government funds. “We want a probe into this and are waiting for a response from the Chief Minister.”