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Siliguri: A teenage boy, accused of stealing Rs 4,000 from a relative to buy clothes for Durga Puja, has been found hanging.

This has happened at Racecourse Para in Jalpaiguri town and the deceased has been identified as Akash Mondal (15).

Mondal’s mother had died when he was a child and after this, his father denied to shoulder his responsibility. Since then, he was growing up in the house of his maternal aunt Puja Das at Racecourse Para.

Another aunt of the boy lives at Jayanti Para in the town. On Mahalaya, 8 October, Mondal went there on an invitation from his aunt. During the stay there, the teenage boy allegedly stole Rs 4,000 that belonged to a family member of his aunt.

Mondal was eventually pinpointed for the theft and in the face of an assault, he returned Rs 2,000. He had spent the remaining Rs 2,000 in buying clothes for Durga Puja. The boy was humiliated by the relative for this.

He returned to the house of the other aunt at Racecourse Para where he lived. The next day afternoon, he was found hanging in a room in the house. There was apparently no one else in the house when this happened.

On returning home, his aunt Puja Das encountered the horrific scene and raised an alarm. Police later retrieved the dead body and sent it for post-mortem.

The cops said that prima facie it appears to be a case of suicide but the post-mortem report will throw more light into the unnatural death.