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Featured Image: Mohan Bose in a file photo.

Siliguri: THE chairman of Jalpaiguri Municipality, Mohan Bose, has been hospitalised in critical condition.

Sixty-two year old Bose suffered a cerebral attack during a meeting at the civic body yesterday afternoon and was admitted to a private nursing home at Jalpaiguri’s Babupara in the night.

With his condition turning critical, Bose was relocated to the private Neotia Getwel Hospital at Siliguri’s Kawakhali today morning. Sources in his family said that he has been put on ventilator support.

His family physician Sumantra Mukherjee, who checked him last night, said that Bose had complained of vertigo during the meeting at Jalpaiguri Municipality last afternoon and on returning home he started vomiting. A subsequent CT scan revealed that he has suffered a major cerebral hemorrhage.

“His condition is critical and he has now been admitted to Siliguri nursing home at my advice. If the situation does not improve, he shall have to be taken to Kolkata for advanced-care,” Mukherjee said today.

Trinamool MLA Sourav Chakraborty called on ailing Bose at the Neotia Getwel Hospital today. “I have apprised the Chief Minister about his health condition. We will take him to Kolkata if the need arises,” Chakraborty said.

Bose, a seasoned political of Jalpaiguri, was with the Congress for decades and kept the party’s fort intact even during the Left Front’s heydays in Bengal. But in July 2014, he succumbed to the changing political mood and switched over to Trinamool.

In the 2015 municipal elections, Bose won on the Trinamool ticket and became the civic body’s chairman. This chair he had held for several terms earlier while in the Congress.