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Siliguri: ENTIRE Jalpaiguri town and some of its suburbs today witnessed a major jolt accompanied by a huge sound, the origin of which remains a mystery.

The jolt and sound were so huge that frightened people rushed out of their homes and started running on the streets. Mothers could be seen running lugging their child and aged people came down from buildings.

The sound could be heard as far as Raninagar and Maynaguri that are located at a distance of around 9 km and 13 km, respectively.

Initially, people thought that it to be an earthquake. But the accompanying sound negated the possibility and led to the suspicion that a bomb blast has taken place somewhere nearby. This too turned out to be false, making the people wonder what could have caused the jolt and the sound.

Army personnel sometimes carry out bombing and firing exercise on the riverbed of Teesta firing range near Bagrakote in Jalpaiguri district generating intense sound and tremor. But people said that today’s was hugely different and more intense.

Digha in East Midnapore district in the state was ricked by similar blast-like sound twice on 26 August and 14 December last year. The source of those still remains a mystery.