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Image: Visually impaired students working on the mural. 

Kolkata: A mural created by the visually impaired students of Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys’ Academy at Narendrapur on the southern fringes of Kolkata is set to be exhibited at Hiroshima in Japan on the Hiroshima Day.

Hiroshima Day is observed on 6 August every year to commemorate the world’s first-ever nuclear bombing by the United States in 1945.

The mural on a large canvass measuring 3.5 m x7.8 m is based on the theme Kids Guernica for Peace, which is a decade old initiative celebrated around the world to spread the message of peace and coexistence.

Children at the Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys’ Academy created the mural during a six-day workshop that started on 4 January on the occasion of Braille Day. Sellers and employees of a multi-national direct selling FMCG company collaborated with the children in the project.

“This engagement truly embodies the spirit of coexistence that ran as the leitmotif throughout our workshop,” Biswajit Ghosh, principal of the academy, said.