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By A Newsman

Siliguri, 07 December: TWO BSF jawans were roughed up at the State Bank of India Belakoba branch in Jalpaiguri after they tried to withdraw money bypassing the queue.

Some furnishings of the bank also got damaged in the brawl between the jawans and those in the queue.

The incident took place around noon today when the two jawans arrived at the bank and tried to force their way bypassing the long queue. They argued that they must be allowed to withdraw the money first as they would have to report for duty.

Those in the queue opposed this, resulting in an argument that eventually escalated into a skirmish. Situation turned worse after the jawans hit one of those who had protested their forcible entry.

Angry people started beating up the jawans. Finding the situation go out of control, the bank manger called up the Rajganj police station. A police team rushed in soon and rescued away the two jawans.