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Kolkata: A young Bengali girl from Jharkhand, who was receiving air hostess training at a private institute in Kolkata, has gone missing.

According to her family from Jharkhand’s Ghatshila, they spoke to Sushmita Roy (22) the last time on 10 December and she went missing from a rented house at Kalighat police station area the next day.

Sushmita, who had enrolled for an airhostess training course at Frankfinn Park Street branch on 6 November, was putting up in the house at Kalighat’s Ishwar Ganguly Street as a paying guest. She had two girls as her roommates.

Her family came down to Kolkata on 12 December after her roommates and landlord told about she being untraceable. They lodged a complaint at Kalighat police station that day itself naming four youths who they suspect of having abducted Sushmita. She had come know these youths after coming to Kolkata.

“These youths had been stalking her over the phone and she had told us about this. She had been trying to ignore them. We suspect that they have abducted my sister, not for ransom but to do harm to her,” the girl’s elder brother told reporters today.

He alleged that despite the complaint being lodged on 12 December, police so far have not apprehended the suspects who can give a lead on the whereabouts of Sushmita.

Kalighat police, on the other hand, said that the investigation is on and they hope to make a breakthrough soon. The girl’s mobile phone has last used at Esplanade area in the city, police sources said.

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