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Featured Image: The remodeled idol at Md Ali Park Puja pandal. Look below for the old idol. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 24 September: MD Ali Park Durga Puja committee has remodeled one of their idols after it caused uproar among the medical fraternity in Bengal, making Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to intervene.

The controversial idol had depicted doctors as demon Asura for allegedly putting money over treatment and for deliberate negligence in treatment. As soon as the matter came to light last Friday, the medical fraternity turned furious saying that this was an attempt to malign the profession.

Sources in the Puja committee said that the Chief Minister called up them last evening and told them Durga Puja should not be used as a platform to abuse any group or profession. She requested them to either remove the controversial idol or at least remodel it so to portray something else.

Md Ali Park Doctor Asur Idol 2017

The Puja organisers, who had earlier refused to pay heed to the objection from different associations of doctors, relented after this. They remodeled the idol by removing apron and stethoscope from it and put a full sleeve shirt and headphone to portray it as a government babu accepting bribe from a common man.

With this, the organisers say that they hope the controversy will be put to rest for good. The pandal has been thrown open for visitors from today.