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Image: Women booking clerks dispensing tickets to passengers at Netaji Bhavan Metro station.    

Kolkata: WITH growing awareness in the society on facilitating an equal opportunity to women in the professional arena, the Metro Railway in Kolkata today announced that one of its stations will now on be maintained only by women staff.

The station, which has been declared ‘all women station’ is Netaji Bhavan, located in the heart of Kolkata. Incidentally, Netaji Bhavan station (then known as Bhowanipore) was the terminal station when the Metro Railway operations had first begun in Kolkata and India in 1984.

Metro Railway spokesperson said that the move is part of Indian Railways endeavour to empower the women workforce. Beginning today, Netaji Bhavan station will be managed entirely by women staff be it the station superintendent, shift in-charge, booking clerks, security personnel, station porter, cleaners, point operator, or commercial porter.

Metro Railway being the lifeline for around six lakhs commuters daily, assigning women staff the entire responsibility of a station is remarkable and challenging. The initiative comes on a day when the world is celebrating International Women’s Day.