Uttara (left) in a recent photo and with her mother on her 17th birthday in 2016.
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Kolkata: On 31 July last year she shared a post from another Facebook page that reads: “My mom is a gift from God” and captioned it “She is my God herself.”

A year later, unable to withstand the shock of her God’s untimely demise, the 19-year-old girl has ended her life. The tragic incident has taken place at Tiljala area in east Kolkata.

On Friday evening Julie Chowdhury, in her late 40’s, died at Belle View Clinic in the city after suffering from a prolonged liver ailment. Within a few hours, her teenage daughter Uttara Chowdhury alias Jewel hanged herself at their residence at Chowbhaga Road under Tiljala police station area.

A first-year undergraduate commerce student of Heramba Chandra College (South City College) at Golpark, Uttara hanged herself with a scarf from the ceiling fan in her bedroom. She was the only child of her parents.

Relatives have testified that Uttara used to love her mother like anything and the attachment grew ever since her father died in 2014 due to renal ailments. As soon as Uttara got the news of her mother’s demise Friday evening, she almost turned a dumb.

The teenage girl spoke no word with the relatives who had come over. She locked herself to her bedroom around 10 pm. With no response coming in for about 15 minutes, the relatives forced open the door to find the college girl hanging.

They called in the police, who took her down and rushed to the Chittaranjan Medical College and Hospital at Beniapukur. Doctors declared her dead on arrival.

Relatives have told police that Uttara’s mother Julie had donated a kidney to her husband when he was suffering from renal problems in 2013-14. Despite this, she could not make her husband survive.

On the contrary, ever since giving away a kidney, Julie started suffering from various ailments all through the last four years. She was recently admitted to Belle View Clinic with chronic liver problem, which claimed her yesterday evening.

Police and relatives believe that Uttara could not come to terms with the death of her mother as she was the only anchor and support of her life. Uttara had probably sensed in advance that her mother might not recuperate and this made her post on Facebook on 26 June: “Alone All The Way.”