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Kolkata: POLICE have arrested three persons for the dacoity in a house at Deshabandhu Nagar at Baguiati in Kolkata on 25 March.

The three arrested have been identified as Sanjiv Das, Prabhakar Naiya, and Subhashish Karmakar. They were picked up from Dum Dum.

The arrests come after the police found out that the mastermind of the dacoity is known to the wife of the trader Kartik Kundu from whose house 20 bhori gold ornaments was looted that evening.

Police have claimed that Kartik’s wife Swapna Kundu had met the mastermind Saniv Das on Facebook and then the two of them got onto WhatsApp. During then chats of WhatsApp, she gave away all vital information about her house and valuables.

Taking advantage of this, Das plotted the dacoity and executed the plan successfully.

Police suspect that Das used to visit middle-aged homemaker Swapna when her husband used to be away in his printing press. They are questioning her to find out whether she was anyway involved in the plot or it was only that Das used her to access information.