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Kolkata: A man has been arrested in Kolkata for allegedly duping unemployed youths Rs 1.6-crore by promising them job placements in Canada.

Sanjay Basu was arrested by police last night from his residence at Regent Park off Tollygunge. He was preparing to escape from Kolkata when some of the youths duped by him nabbed him and alerted the police.

Going by the complaints lodged with the police, Basu had been running a job consultancy firm for some time. He collected Rs 4-lakh each from some 40 youths hailing from the suburbs of Kolkata and several districts in the state assuring them job placement in Canada.

The part of the deal included proving the youths with Passport, Visa, other travel documents, and job placement in companies in Canada with a salary above Rs 1-lakh a month in Indian currency.

Time passed by and yet Basu was not giving placement letters to the youths. This made some of them grow suspicious and they verified the Passport and Visa documents provided by Basu only to find those fake. Soon after this, the youths lodged a complaint with police.

Getting a wind of this, Basu was all set to flee from Kolkata yesterday night that some of the duped youths nabbed him. Taking Basu in custody, police are now trying to find out the extent of the deceit and as to where he has channeled out the money collected from the youths.