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Kolkata: Police have arrested a man in Kolkata on charges of bestiality with a dog.

The man has been identified as Kamalesh, in his early 40’s, a resident of Bidhan Pally at Lake Town in north-east Kolkata.

According to a resident of the area, a street dog used to hang around his residence and he used to serve it food in the noon and evening every day. But he didn’t find the dog near his house yesterday evening and this made him set out on a search in the locality.

The search ended in front of Kamalesh’s house from where the dog’s groaning sound was coming. This made the man peep into the room through a window to find Kamalesh naked on the floor with him holding the dog next to him.

Shocked by the scene, the resident called in some other people from the neighbourhood and together they compelled Kamalesh to open the door. They rescued the dog and informed police while detaining the accused in his house.

A team from Lake Town police station arrived sometime later and took away Kamalesh while sending the dog for a medical examination at the Bengal Veterinary College and Hospital at Belgachia.

Later in the night, an animal welfare organisation from the area lodged an FIR against Kamalesh for bestiality and this made the cops arrest him.