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Image: (Left) File photo of Nazia Khan burning PM Modi’s effigy and (right) taking over BJP flag from Dilip Ghosh on Thursday.  

Kolkata: A Muslim social activist and lawyer in Kolkata, who had burned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s shoe-garlanded effigy barely five months ago over his party leaders’ alleged communal overtone, joined the BJP today.

Nazia Elahi Khan, known for representing Ishrat Jahan in the Supreme Court against instant triple talaq, was inducted into BJP at the party’s state headquarters in the presence of state union president Dilip Ghosh and senior leader Mukul Roy.

Along with her, some 150-odd Muslim women from in and around Kolkata joined the saffron party. Khan’s now famous client, Ishrat Jahan, had sided with the BJP last week.

Khan, who practises both at the Calcutta High Court and the Supreme Court, joining the BJP is an interesting development. This is because she has been close to the Trinamool all along and has attended Bengal’s ruling party organised social welfare events as late as December.

Nazia Elahi Khan in anti- BJP agitation in August last year.
Nazia Elahi Khan in anti-BJP agitation in August last year.

In fact, on 13 August last year, she led a group of protesters, mostly comprising Muslim women, in burning an effigy of Prime Minister Modi over the communal remarks of BJP leaders and ministers. The effigy was adorned with a garland of shoes before Khan set fire to it.

Photographs of the event are still on her Facebook timeline with an accompanying Hindi text written in English letters.

“Nazia Elahi Khan has burned the Prime Minister’s effigy on the plank ~ Drive out Modi, Save the country. She emphasised that Prime Minister has to ensure that all religions accorded respect and must take legal action against his party leaders who are trying to destroy communal peace in the country. In Bengal, our CM will not allow BJP’s drama to succeed and all the Muslims of Bengal are with her,” a rough translation of the text reads.

This apart, her Facebook timeline still boasts of her photographs with Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.