The Winners on the city street. Photo Courtesy: Kolkata Police.
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Kolkata: With an ever larger number of women stepping out of the confines of their homes to earn a living or for leisure, the incidents of harassment and molestation are also growing correspondingly.

To pre-empt such incidents and to respond faster to untoward incidents targeted at women, Kolkata Police have rolled out an all-women police patrol team. Commissioner of police, Rajeev Kumar, today ceremoniously flagged off the patrol team from the city police headquarters Lalbazar. It has been named “The Winners.”

The team will, in particular, deal with eve-teasing, harassment, and molestation of women in public places such as parks, food joints, shopping malls, theatres, etc. Members of the team will patrol the city streets on scooters and drop in at public places randomly.

The team, which will be overseen by a divisional commissioner of police, has undergone four months of training at Police Training School in the city on tactics to deal with eve-teasing and molestation.

Apart from being equipped with a scooter, the team members have been armed with body camera that will stream video and audio live to the city police control room.